“Willow Glen School really cares about the students!”

I expected the kids to lose interest soon and get bored with the materials. The fact that they were allowed to bring songs on their appropriate level, and that teachers helped them find sheet music for songs they wanted to play (from movie themes etc) is what really kept them going. I never have to ask them to practice, they play for fun and I had to buy a keyboard with earphones so they could both play at the same time because one piano in the house was simply not enough. I was worried at first about the group lesson and how that would work, since my old fashioned brain is still stuck in the one-to-one private lesson scenario but my kids love it! It is a great outlet for Melissa, now in middle school, who writes her own songs and record it. The group lessons seem to give her a different and broader understanding of music, and how to harmonize and use cords as background while singing. I made the switch from 12 years of classical piano to syncopation/jazz, and THEN I really enjoyed piano for the first time. I see that joy in Melissa now and I’m so happy that my kids play for the love of music.

“Thank you for the excellent service”

Since she joined the group class, I have never asked my daughter to practice once. She plays on her own and even started writing her own songs. I feel so happy to have found an activity that she is self-motivated to do.

“Willow Glen Music School –  is the best decision!”

The other day the mailman just stopped at our door to listen to our son play piano. I felt so happy that my son was making real music. We are so grateful that we gave the group lessons a try. It has worked so well for our son, there are no more tears! He plays on his own and even goes back to his old music to play for fun.”

“I Will Never Forget Willow Glen School”

When my father passed, our son volunteered to play his signature piece (Fur Elise). Our entire family was so moved and touched that he could share his music during that sad time in our lives. I will never forget it

“She blew him away by surprising him with Star Wars music. ”

“Last week my five-year old son we had our first lesson with Miss Jenny and he could not stop raving after class.  I had quietly mentioned to Miss Jenny before the class that he was a Star Wars fan, and she blew him away by surprising him with Star Wars music. He came home able to play the first couple measures of the Star Wars theme song, and has asked me every day since when his next class is.

“Jessica has a got a great energy and knows how to make it fun for the little ones.”

Recently signed my son up for the 4-6 year old group lessons. He really enjoyed it! Jessica has a got a great energy and knows how to make it fun for the little ones. I just want him to get his feet wet and see if he has an interest in playing music (starting with piano makes sense to us). With a music background and growing up in an Asian household, playing the piano was fundamental, but I definitely didn’t want my son to feel pushed into, rather I want him to enjoy it from start to finish. I think Jessica sets up a good environment that creates the fun and learning needed to start that love of music. I hope it continues to go as well as it started as my son is very much looking forward to his next lesson.

“ She is very excited about what she is doing and it comes across to them.”

Our children have been taking lessons from Jessica for almost one year.  They both truly enjoy the time they spend with her.    She is very excited about what she is doing and it comes across to them.  We have seen them both become very confident and excited players.  Both participated in Jessica’s recital which was well organized, entertaining and inspiring.  Our daughter performed for her class only one month after beginning lessons and has gone on to play during church mass as well as school functions, including a school talent show.  She is confident in her ability because she is being taught confidence.

“Kyla – felt really proud of herself”
Ms. Grace recently had a virtual piano performance for my daughter, Kyla’s class, and we just wanted to thank her! Kyla was so excited and most importantly – felt really proud of herself. It was so nice of Ms. Grace to allow students to invite family and friends to share in the fun as well.