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“I never have to ask them to practice…”

...they play for fun and I had to buy a keyboard with earphones so they could both play at the same time because one piano in the house was simply not enough. I was worried at first about the group lesson and how that would work, since my old fashioned brain is still stuck in the one-to-one private lesson scenario but my kids love it! It is a great outlet for Melissa, now in middle school, who writes her own songs and record it. The group lessons seem to give her a different and broader understanding of music, and how to harmonize and use cords as background while singing. I made the switch from 12 years of classical piano to syncopation/jazz, and THEN I really enjoyed piano for the first time. I see that joy in Melissa now and I'm so happy that my kids play for the love of music.

Free Demo Class for children age 6+

  • Have you ever wondered how your child would take to piano lessons but you keep putting it off?
  • Have you ever wanted to “just try” piano lessons out to see if it’s something your child would be into?
  • Have you wanted to try out piano lessons without making a huge commitment until you were sure?

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