Why choose group piano class instead of private lessons?

Group piano creates a fun learning environment with peers. It is important to learn music in an environment that is both challenging and enjoyable. This balance is created easily by including creative exploration, off-bench activities, improvisation, composing and playing together as a band or ensemble. The main benefits of group lessons are:

Home Practice will be Easier

Students won’t have as many questions at home

Students sight reading will improve

Students will complete books at a faster rate

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Do I have to have a piano or will a keyboard do?

A: You do not have to have a piano at home to take lessons. A simple full size electronic keyboard will suffice for the first 6 months.

Q: What do you learn in group piano lessons?

A: That question is often asked by prospective group students. Students will develop a strong sense of rhythm and a steady beat, learn to read music, compose and improvise. They will develop both listening and communication skills.  Playing the piano with others teaches students to be active listeners. They also develop the ability to help each other as they are learning new music and growing together. Group lessons help develop focus and concentration. Playing music with others is a complete brain activity. Students hear the sounds, see the music, play the keyboard, listen to their teammates and sense the emotion of the music all at the same time. Music lessons will provide the opportunity for students to experience the joy found in making music. This joy can be experienced regardless of age or skill level. And, becomes one of the most motivating benefits of helping students become lifelong learners or music.

Please check out this video of a group class in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2o9DHDlMnQ

Q: Are your teachers qualified?

A: All our teachers have university training or professional performance experience and have warm and friendly personalities.

Take the first step towards your musical goals today!

We have rolling admission so you could start as early as next week.

Do you have a day and time that works best for you? Please let us know and we will do our best to form a class that will work with your schedule. 

Group classes meet weekly for 50 minutes.  Classes are $168 per month and there is a one time registration fee of $25.