We offer children or adult piano lessons Monday-Friday from 12:30-9:00pm, Saturdays from 9:00am -3:00pm and Sunday 9:00am-2:00pm..

Piano lessons are $49.25 per 30 minute private lesson or $197 per month. Students attend the lessons once a week. There is a one time registration fee of $35.

Whether you want to learn Bach, MineCraft music or Alicia Keys, our teachers are happy to help you become the pianist you want to be. Our piano staff will show you the fundamentals of sight reading, technique, theory but will also incorporate your favorite songs into the lessons. You do not have to have a piano at home to take lessons. A simple full size electronic keyboard will suffice for the first 6 months. Our piano teachers have warm personalities and enjoy sharing their love of piano with you or your child.

Please watch this video about our piano lesson program to learn more:


Frequently asked questions:

What do you learn in music lessons?

That question is often asked by prospective students. The answer is that our teachers make it a priority to get to know you on a personal level and to become familiar with your personal musical needs and goals. We do not treat every student the same in terms of what and how we teach. A seven year old having their 1st piano lesson will have very different needs than a fifty-seven year old taking up piano for the 2nd time.

The main reason to choose our School as your music lesson provider, is that we are sensitive to the fact that every student is an individual. If you enroll here for lessons, we will work with you to make a plan that will fit you needs and musical preferences. At the first lesson your teacher will ask you about your favorite type of music, and set goals to help you accomplish whatever musical aspirations you have for yourself or your child.

Are your teachers qualified?

All our teachers have university training or professional performance experience and have warm and friendly personalities.

Take the first step towards your musical goals today!