A mother herself and with a background in social work and family therapy, Jessica Mitrovich, owner and founder of the Willow Glen Music School, understands exactly what kids need. Whether providing piano, guitar or voice lessons, Willow Glen’s teachers know that instruction needs to be fun and flexible. They are also experts at breaking concepts down for kids, so each pupil will feel successful. The school especially prides itself on its work with special needs pupils. Jessica firmly believes that musicians thrive when the foundational skills are in place from the beginning. Students are held accountable for being persistent about getting the basics right before moving on. In that way, learning is not just about mastering music: It is about taking risks, building self-confidence and practice good manners, as well. The school’s lovely space, tucked at the back away from the bustle of its downtown Willow Glen location, exudes that sense of calm peacefulness that breeds the patience required for devoted music study. One-on-one lessons start for children five (piano and voice) and older (guitar). Willow Glen’s warm and friendly teachers are especially strong in working with beginning pupils, young and old. For the 4-5 year olds, the school offers a group preparatory music class with games that teach a lot of pre-music skills, an excellent foundation for a student who wants to get started but may not have the physical coordination, the concentration or the reading readiness needed for formal one-on-one instruction. Can’t make it to the studio? Contact Jessica about music teachers coming to you.

by: Elizabeth Stitt