1.     Do you offer siblings discount?

Not at this time.

2.     Do I have to buy a piano to start taking lessons?

No, you do not need a piano to begin taking lessons. However, you do need an instrument to practice.  For example, an electronic keyboard or digital piano are suitable for a beginning piano student.

3.     Do you have a keyboard you recommend?

Yes, the keyboard must have at least 61 keys, be weighted, have a pedal and bench. This is important as early learners are not just learning to read music; they learn posture, visual orientation to the instrument, as well as muscle control in their hands and arms. Playing on a transitional instrument is fine for about 6 months and then they should transition to a full sized piano or keyboard for optimum learning. On our materials page you will find links to the starter keyboards and beginner guitars we recommend.

4.     How old does my child have to be to start piano, voice or guitar lessons?

We recommend that your child be at least 5 years of age to begin taking piano lessons. For beginner guitar students, waiting till the age of seven is best. A beginning voice student can start at five as well. Remember, learning instrument takes patience and focus. We want your child to have a fun and wonderful experience where they can thrive.

5.     How much practice is required?

We recommend that the beginner student practices at least ten minutes per day. As your child advances, the practice times increase.  Your teacher will help establish a suitable practice time that’s right for your child.

6.     How much do lessons cost?

Lessons are $168 per month for weekly private 30 minute lessons.

7.     What types of payment do you accept?

Tuition is collected through automatic debit each month. This will be set up at the time of registration.

8.     What if my child is ill on his/her lesson day?

We offer unlimited group makeups lessons for voice, piano and guitar.  Please contact willowglenmakeups@gmail.com to schedule your makeup lesson.

9.     I don’t know anything about music, how can I help my child?

You can definitely help your child! Listen to them practice, encourage them, and have them play for you at home. Have them teach you something they have learned.  You can purchase music that they like, or apps that encourage learning to read music.  Please visit our materials page for apps and books to help support their music education.

10.   Can I observe my child during their lesson?

Yes, please observe the lessons until the point that you and your child both feel comfortable. After that, the student usually does better when they have focused time with the teacher and are not distracted by having someone else in the room.

11.     Do you teach adults as well?

Yes, we do. We have many adults ( seniors, young adults and parents learning the guitar, piano or voice for the very first time).

12.    Where are you located?

We are located very close to downtown Willow Glen. Our address is 1060 Willow Street, suite 9, San Jose CA 95125.

13.    What books do I need to purchase for my lessons?

Please see our materials page to purchase your books.

14.   What instrument should my child learn?

It can depend on their interest and age. Piano is an excellent choice to create a solid foundation for any instrument. If your child is 5 or 6 and interested in learning music, this is a good choice. The guitar can be challenging for young ones due to its abstract layout and strength and coordination requirements, for this reason it’s better to wait till age 7. Students can always start with the piano and transition to another instrument when they get a bit older.

15.   I have a 3 or 4 year old who just loves music, when can they start piano lessons?

Children are musical and can begin learning at this age; however they do better in group classes as they don’t require the focus and attention of a private music lesson. We do not currently offer group lessons for children this age, but there are several programs that do. Please feel free to email me for a personal recommendation for your child.

16.   Is there an additional fee for having the teacher travel to your home?

There is a convenience fee for teacher travel paid directly to the teacher. The convenience fee is $10 per lesson and is available in Willow Glen and Cambrian neighborhoods.  Please email us for more detailed information info@willowglenmusicschool.com

17.  What will my child learn in their piano, voice or guitar lesson?

Each child is different in the way they will absorb and respond to music, so we tailor our learning style to fit them. In general, our objective is for a beginner piano student to learn good posture, orientation to the piano, understand rhythm and able to apply it in various settings(on the piano, clapping, using rhythm instruments, walking, etc…), support them in developing their own rhythm and ear for music and learning to read notes and rhythm on the staff. The beginner guitar student will be developing an orientation to the instrument, learning and developing the strength and dexterity in the fingers, note reading, tabs, and chords.